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Jacek Sitkiewicz joined Queen Square Dental Practice, one of the oldest dental practices in Bath, in 2007 after years of dental experience in the UK and abroad. In 2009 he became one of the partners in the practice. Since then Dr Sitkiewicz invested in one of the most advanced technologies in dentistry – Waterlase MD.

Jacek Sitkiewicz is a member of the UK Laser Dental Academy, and the World Clinical Laser Institute.

Queen Square Dental in Bath uses innovative technology with excellent results. Adults and children who have avoided the dentist or had fear about cavities or root canals should rest easy knowing there are other options.

Now procedures on teeth, gums and bone are more comfortable and require less shots and anaesthesia. It is so precise that it also cuts down on the likelihood of a failed procedure, need for multiple visits, or a re-occurrence of problems.

What is this new procedure? It's called Waterlase MD . Waterlase MD combines laser energy and a gentle spray of water for highly effective treatment in a huge range of procedures. That laser has been a major investment for dentist Jacek Sitkiewicz at Queen Square Dental.

"Patient comfort is a top priority in my surgery. Waterlase allows me to use fewer shots and less anaesthesia reducing patient anxiety and providing a more relaxing dental experience."

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