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Specific Services


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Specific Services


Cosmetic dentistry :

  • composite (white) fillings
  • ceramic crowns
  • bridges
  • veneers
  • teeth whitening (night bleaching , laser whitening - instant effect)


Periodontics (gum disease treatment):

  • Deep Pocket Therapy  (minimally-invasive periodontal treatment)
  • laser gingivectomy (gum margin contouring)
  • laser curettage (gum pocket and root surface cleaning and decontamination)


Surgery :

  • apicectomy (endodontic surgery performed to remove the root tip and the surrounding infected tissue of an abscessed tooth, when inflammation or infection persists in the bony area around the end of a tooth after a root canal procedure)
  • frenectomy (remove a section of tissue  that attached to the gingival tissue between two teeth)
  • gingival recontouring
  • crown lengthening (removal of gum tissue, bone or both to expose more of a tooth)
  • teeth extraction



  • dentures
  • crowns
  • bridges


Endodontics (root canal treatment) - a sequence of treatment for the pulp of a tooth which results in the elimination of infection and protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbal invasion.


Laser biostimulation - TMJ disorders/pain, herpes, ulcers, healing promotion after surgical procedures

Laser teeth desensitizing


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